Pangolin Massacre

The Poaching of Pangolins

Pangolins are the most trafficked animal on the planet. . .

The Problem

Pangolins are. . . C r i t i c a l l y E n d a n g e r e d

Pangolins make up about 20% of all trafficked animals. They are known for their beautiful scales that serve medicinal purposes and their meat that is a delicacy in China. China has had bans on on the trafficking and poaching of numerous animals but none have worked. The Pangolins are also known to have carried COVID-19 that they got from bats. The Pangolin meat was in a wet market in Wuhan China and that is thought to have been the start of the Corona Virus outbreak.

This poses a problem that has not only obviously shown in concerns to COVID-19 but also to the environment and ecosystems that revolve around Pangolins as well.